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“We believe that good health begins with a balanced body, mind and soul.”

osteopath Copenhagen

Osteopathy Clinic

Elad Yeshuah

We are a friendly and professional clinic that provides a high standard of Osteopathic & Naturopathic care.



Highly experienced clinicians will complete a thorough physical assessment and offer you an individualized treatment plan. Immediately after your assessment you will be given advice on how to manage your condition. This usually includes specific exercises, so that you will be able to start your journey to recover immediately.

Using the spacious studio, with up to date equipment such as Pilates, and other sports apparatus. We are able to offer a range of treatments, which allow for a quicker and more efficient way to recover.

Flow Osteopathy vision is to ensure that all our patients have a thorough understanding of their condition, so that they can manage and prevent future problems.

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mother & babies care


Pregnancy is a unique natural experience involving a range of physical, chemical and emotional changes over a relatively short period of time. The mother's body has to adapt constantly to allow for the growing foetus. 

sportrs injuries


Flow Osteopathy are experienced in dealing with all the factors which predispose and maintain sport injuries. 

By taking a  thorough case history we will look 

at many areas such as lifestyle, 

diet & general health.





I've been going to Elad's clinic for about a year now. I've suffered from pain and stiffness issues in my lower back and Elad is excellent at relieving these problems. One thing I especially appreciate about Elad's method is the educational aspect; he is really good at explaining and demonstrating the mechanics of the body, so you feel empowered about performing the various exercises which is recommended to you through the practice

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I had a home visit from Elad because of some breast feeding problems with my baby. His examination was very thorough and soft, and after locating and treating the problem, breast feeding went back to normal, which was such a relief to me! Thank you Elad, all my recommendations to you!

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Osteopath Copenhagen 

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