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osteopathy pregnancy Copenhagen

osteopat til graviditet københavn


There are numerous reasons why women may experience difficulty to conceive a child. Mainly hormonal, age, endometriosis, fibroids, medications and structural dysfunction (i.e female organs, pelvic and spine).


How osteopathy can help with fertility:


  • Osteopathy is looking over the whole body structure and function. Identify the dysfunctional problem, that can alter the function of the reproductive system. Faulty body mechanism, incorrect posture or misalignment of the female organs, will lead to abnormal blood flow and nerve conduction, which are vital for optimal conception and pregnancy.


  • Osteopathy uses a variety of gentle and safe techniques, which aim to increase joint mobility, improve spinal and soft tissue health. The techniques can be applied on the symptomatic region or to an area, that has an influence over lower back & pelvic floor, hence achieving the desire outcome.


  • Osteopathy aims to restore optimal body function, by removing “obstacles” (i.e tights muscles/ligaments, joint restrictions, spinal misalignment, stress...). Thus, it will be capable of self regulation and self healing, to perform the most natural and normal processes of conception and pregnancy.


Elad has a great deal of experience, with women who experienced long-standing infertility. The treatments have increased natural conception, and promote assisted conception (IUI, IVF) success rates.

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Pregnancy is a unique natural experience involving a range of physical, chemical and emotional changes over a relatively short period of time. The mother's body has to adapt constantly to allow for the growing foetus. This can impose great physical strain on the body posture and function, causing a range of symptoms from back pain to morning sickness. 

Delivery can be a traumatic event to the mother, that causes massive changes to the pelvic floor, and may involve external intervention (e.g. C-section, epidural injection, episiotomy).

Due to hormonal changes in pregnancy, the mother joints become more hypermobile. After pregnancy is a critical time to adjust the mother's body structure to the point it was prior the conception or even better!

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Flow-Osteopathy mothers & babies care

Accommodating to a relatively small space the foetus can suffer long lasting effects from the moulding process during pregnancy (i.e. compression over the soft skull and pelvis). The foetus is completely dependent on the mother's nutrition via the placenta, hence the importance of healthy and adequate maternal nutrition in order to maintain a healthy baby.

Post delivery- can be also a traumatic event for a baby, because they need to pass through the narrow birth canal, and they may also be affected by external intervention (i.e. ventouse or forceps delivery). This can cause enormous pressure over the baby’s skull that may interfere with the baby’s nervous system e.g. sucking problems, colic pain and in severe cases aesthetic deformities.

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osteopathy for baby copenhegen

How Osteopathy and Naturopathy
can help Mothers and Babies?

Osteopathy uses gentle manual techniques to bring about profound changes for the baby using non-invasive but highly effective rebalancing procedures. These allow the different body systems; the nervous, immune, muscular and circulatory systems -
to work together effectively. 

Osteopathy can support mothers during and after the birth by alleviating strains and restrictions on her body so, that she can relax and enjoy her new baby. 

Healthy adequate nutrition and lifestyle will support both mothers and babies well being.

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