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Most sports injuries
can be attributed to
at least one of the
following factors:​​

Osteopath Østerbro
  • Core/body overuse e.g. exercising too often/constantly until exhaustion.

  • Avoiding or insufficient warm up or cooling down.

  • Incorrect equipment e.g. inappropriate footwear, maladjusted bike position.

  • Postural imbalance e.g lack of flexibility, inherited structural problems.

  • Training without professional supervision/advice e.g. training with weights while obtaining bad posture.

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How Osteopathy and Naturopathy can help sports injuries?

Flow Osteopathy are experienced in dealing with all the factors, which predispose and maintain sport injuries. By taking a thorough case history we will look at many areas such as lifestyle, diet & general health. Using this information combined with a thorough physical assessment, orthopaedic tests and highly developed palpatory skills allow us to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Through manual therapy we restore structural balance, improve joint mobility and soft tissue restrictions in order to speed up the recovery.
By giving nutritional advice as well as tailoring specific rehab exercises, will ease joint movements and heal injured tissues thereby improving your performance.
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Flow-Osteopathy sports injuries
6 Golden tips in sports injuries
prevention & management:

1. Begin slowly and build up, especially after an injury.

2. Warm up first, dynamic stretching, and then cool down with static stretches afterwards.

3. Fully hydrate yourself prior to and post exercise.

4. Exercise regularly, combining cardio, flexibility and strength. Try to alternate the types of exercise that you are doing on a regular basis.

5. Following a joint injury apply ‘RICEM’: Rest. Ice to the area for 10 minutes, every hour, if possible. Compression using bandage to support the damaged tissues. Elevate to reduce congestion. Mobilise the injured joint(s) or muscle(s), within the pain threshold as soon as possible to improve body’s fluid circulation.

6. Seek an Osteopath! For safe, efficient management and advice.

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