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Get rid of your back pain in 5 simple exercises

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

5 simple exercises that will help to alleviate your lower back pain

We are sitting long hours at work, getting less physical active, holding bad posture, resulting in: lower back pain. The news is, simple exercises that are easy to perform anywhere, can reduce and control our pain and prevent future “pain attack”..

Our sedentary lifestyle, is characteristic by long hours sitting down, leaning forward over the desk, lack of mobility, we are putting on weight, all in which influence our up right healthy posture.

Bad posture is one of the primary cause for back pain, especially lower back pain. Not every pain necessary indicates about prolapse or herniated disc. It is more often muscles spasm and other soft tissues swelling that compress over the nerve, causing the pain. Pain is functioned to signal us as an alarm system. It identifies that damage is about or already has happened in our body, and we need to do something about it!!!

Usually pain restricts our mobility, in order to protect us from further damage, hence, starting with the recovering process. However, due to previous postural problems and general stress, the body protective mechanism “can’t turn off”. Resulting in further lack of mobility, local swelling, heat and pain. Dragging our body from acute to chronic phase, where compensatory changes in our body will start to kick in.

It is being proved in practice, that little but repetitive mobility alleviates more than rest. Rest is recommended during the first 24hrs of the pain appearance. Thereafter, controlled movements, within the pain free zone, will increase body fluid circulation, reduce muscles spasm and local swelling (reduce pressure over the nerves), all in which will prompt recovery.

Seek for your local osteopath for further help, in managing your lower back pain, by getting better control over more balanced posture, increasing efficient functional joints mobility, for better performance and pain prevention.

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